Join us 7-.9.3.2013!

A conference where we can learn new skills, or better yet, where we can learn how to think problems from another angle.

It is a conference where we, programmers and testers, work together and learn from each other in a safe-to-fail environment.

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It is a conference where we can hone our skills, let it be unit testing, TDD, BDD, refactoring, testing.

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Psst, there's room only for the first 70 participants. Be Quick!

Aulanko Open Space

A whole new conference in Finland. A developers' conference where programmers and testers - we who do all the magic of building software - gather up to share our knowledge. A conference where the most important part of it all are the attendees - us.

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Location Aulanko

The conference is held at the Spa Hotel Rantasipi Aulanko in Hämeenlinna, in only 45-minute ride from Helsinki. The conference fee includes your stay at the hotel for two nights, namely March 7th-9th, breakfast, lunch and dinner on Friday Mar 8th. The use of the spa facilities is also included.

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Open Space - what is it?

Open space is a highly active and inspiring way to organize events. It's a method where anyone can suggest a topic of their will. The topics are often of three different kinds: "I have something to say", "I want to collaboratively develop/think/learn something" or "I need help on problem X". Wikipedia: Open Space. Blog: Does it work?

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Everyone who is concerned in programming, testing, refactoring or code quality.

people who want to meet other like-minded people

(wanna-be?) software craftsmen who want to share our knowledge and experiences

Want to learn!


Why would you want to sponsor an event where 50-70 highly passionate software craftsmen want to hone their skills in testing, programming and social skills in a cozy location?

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